Our books about the Galgo Español

Galgo Español - The Spanish Sighthound Galgo Español - The Spanish Sighthound
Paperback, 176 pages
105 coloured pages
ISBN 978-3-8423-5996-3
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Also available as E-book!
ISBN 978-3-7322-1600-0

Galgo Español - Le Lévrier Espagnol Galgo Español - Le Lévrier Espagnol
Paperback, 176 pages
104 coloured pages
ISBN 978-3-7322-7999-9
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Also available as E-book!
ISBN 978-3-7357-7295-4

Galgo Español - Der spanische Windhund Galgo Español - Der spanische Windhund
Paperback, 184 pages
99 coloured pages
ISBN 978-3-8370-0485-4
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Also available as E-book!
ISBN 978-3-8482-6917-4

The Galgo Español
Originally bred in its homeland, Spain, for hunting hares, the Galgo Español has found his way into the rest of the world. One reason surely is that the breed is also suited as a pleasant companion and a family dog.
Galgos show the typical characteris­tics of sight­hounds. At home, they behave relatively calm and unobtru­sive as they save their energy and their Spanish fire for the outside walks. They are very affectio­nate with their master and their family. Galgos are gentle and sensi­tive with children and get along easily with other dogs and even with cats, when they have got used to them.
Galgos are not stupid and in contrast to the generally held opinion that sight­hounds are not obedient, they are relatively easy to educate and are willing to learn all the most impor­tant commands. Once you have got a Galgo as a companion, you will never want to be without him again.

The Authors
Graduate Biologist Claudia Gaede and Dr. Thomas Ebbrecht have about 25 years experience with sight­hounds. Since the year 2000, they have together bred Galgos under the kennel name of "Little Lobito".
They have already written a number of articles for inter­national dog magazines and also publish actively on their website www.galgo.de, which they started back in 1998.

Claudia Gaede & Thomas Ebbrecht, Altenhains Berg 11, D-58300 Wetter, +49.2335.975466, info@galgobuch.de